Thursday, January 10, 2013

Corporate Leaders With Eyes Bigger Than Brain

Some of the curious facts about the ostrich everyone in the corporate needs to know especially to compare, relate and to understand their conducts and leadership dimensions.  The curious fact about the ostrich is that they have their eyes that are larger than their brain. 

Corporate people must introspect deeply than being just curious about an ostrich.   What is obviously seen in an ostrich is abundantly present in many people in most corporate.   

One need to know that the above ‘anomaly’ is not only true for an ostrich, but also for some people in the corporate as they also has eyes that are larger than their brain. 

Man is nothing but reflection of the nature, especially the flora and fauna.  He reflects them in many ways viz.,
  • Similarity in behaviour
  • Similarity in his thinking pattern
  • Similarity in his leadership disposition
  • Similarity at the anatomical level

Instead of trying to know why the ostrich has evolved funnily with its eyes bigger than its brain, one must ask whether they also live like an ostrich in the corporate.

Many people in most corporate have bigger eyes like an ostrich with small brain.  They use their eyes more than their brain.  They love to see things around and just report without using their brain to process as to see what they have seen has any relevance and merit to the corporate context.  Their only job is to see what others are doing. These people in the corporate knowingly or unknowingly cut the relationship between their eyes and brain and prefer to give less pain and labor to the brain.  Whatever they see will be the only fact.

I know some bosses, they strongly believe only what they have seen to be true and spit ‘disbelief and mistrust’ in the corporate ecosystem. Another interesting thing about them is that they see and never ask why and how or in other words, they never involve the brain to process or interpret what they have seen. 

What is anatomically present in an ostrich i.e. eyes larger than the brain is distinctively and distinguishably present in the behaviour of many corporate people.   Are they not ‘ostrich’ in the corporate?  Why they carry the ‘behaviour of an ostrich anatomy’? Using eyes to see is wise thing than just using ears and believe whatever is heard or told to be true.  But if one fails to use the brain on whatever is seen, the sear diminishes his stature to an ostrich. Indeed, the ostrich has small brain when compared to the size of its eyes, but for the corporate man, what really limit him? 

Although it is curious, but instead of getting lost in ones curiosity over an ostrich, one need to ponder whether they mimic ostrich anatomy at their behaviour. 

During appraisal period, the bosses try to use their eyes the most with an illusion that only then they will not be fooled by appraise.   Instead of using the eyes, they need to use their brain only then they can guide appraise to success.  But unfortunately, most bosses do the job of performance appraisal as ‘examination answer sheet evaluation’ and believe that they have no role in the performance of appraise.  

The corporate that are run by single man do favour the culture that facilitates the evolution of ‘ostrich’ leaders.  

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd.
Courtesy: SiliconIndia

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